Game List

Pong 180

Beer Pong, invented by creative college students last decade, has arrived at Game-X.  Pong 180 is fully automated allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand - drinking your beer!  A rotating cup platform and synchronized ball return make this fun, not work.  The game is designed for up to 4 players and displays your progress on screen.  Stop by and try Pong 180 today.  Click here to see it in action!

Dark Escape 4D – A Shock to Your Senses!

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Test your tolerance for terror. Shoot your way through experimental creatures and the undead leaping from this game’s high definition screen. Panic sensors display your heart rate on the 3-D screen and record your emotion for all to see. Feel the monster’s breath and hear the terrifying sounds in surround sound. Vibrating seats are sure keep you awake!

Fruit Ninja FX

From iPhone to a 60” LED screen – Slicing just went HUGE. This game has been downloaded 300 million times but we just installed a life-size version. Try your hand at Fruit Ninja FX or compete against your friends.

NBA Hoops

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Official NBA sized Hoop – Play the 40 second game clock!

Pac Man Smash

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Air Hockey on steroids! Up to four players can play simultaneously in a frenetic battle of the pucks. The game starts with one regular sized puck to get the players warmed up. Each score is worth 100 points, which is displayed on the large LED scoreboard. After a side has scored a goal, the puck is automatically returned to the alternate side of the playfield. Randomly throughout the game, dozens of mini pucks (worth 30 points each) will spill onto the playfield causing a scoring frenzy.

Quadair Hockey

Another one for the hockey enthusiasts. Play with 2, 3 or 4 people and up to 4 pucks at a time.

2-Minute Drill

Test your skill level with this football game. The playfield is 100% interactive with four random “pop” out targets. Are you good enough to achieve “hall of fame” status?

Connect 4

Think of the classic board game, Connect 4 by Hasbro, but on a 10-foot high Connect 4 board. Step up to the player station and choose your checker. Play head-to-head or against the computer. Take turns dropping checkers in the grid to try to connect four-in-a-row.

Doodle Jump

You may have played this popular app on your phone, but take it to another level and play on our 42” HD monitor with multi-color LED lights. Play all three themes – Space, Classic or Jungle. Score points and bounce your “Doodler” to the Super Bonus!

Fear Fright

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Act as special agents in this macabre game to find captives held by a group of lunatic carnival characters. Enter FRIGHTFEARLAND, free the captives then lock the gates forever. High toting gun action on a 42” HD monitor.

Operation Ghost

Sega’s realistic tactical light gun shooter puts players in the boots of highly trained special force agents. Use precision shooting and quick reactions to complete the mission. Featuring a full colored LED monitor surround which is synced with the in-game action. Enemy scanning, and laser sights will warn you of the enemies before they are about to appear, or take you down!